Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breakfast, Shampoo and more...

Boy was I nervous to try the breakfast bars I was recommended yesterday...But alas, I tore it open and nibbled off a small corner...
it wasn't bad...

was it a fluke? I kept going...

it was still pretty good...

I finished the whole thing and didn't need a large glass of water to get it down or feel the need to visit the toilet to toss it...

I highly suggest these!! (they taste a bit like Nutri-grain bars!)
I have also been reading on how you have to check, and in some cases, change everyday items such as medicines, shampoo/conditioner and make up to be sure they are free from gluten.

Obviously, you want to be sure your toothpaste and lip gloss are gluten free...they can sneak into your mouth...in some cases, shampoo may wash into your mouth as well so be careful!

The conditioner I use clearly states it has wheat in it...SO...I am on the hunt for a good gfree shampoo...I know most Dove and Suave items are gfree so may check these out.

I was unsure about my conditioner (Tresseme) and I did some google-ing (there is that fancy word again!) and found old posts from 3 or more years ago saying it had wheat and not gluten free so I checked out their website to verify and I couldn't find any information so did the next best thing...emailed them...I will let you know what they say but I am 99% sure it has gluten.


Last nights supper was a huge hit!! My husband said over and over again to write the recipe down! I can't believe how full I felt and NO PAIN!! I think I am going to like this!!

Tonight we are having Chicken and Thai noodles...this is a new thing for me (Thai) but found gluten free on the label...for now, as I learn, I am being very cautious!! I am looking forward to trying it out...it looks so good on the box!!!

Will def. let you all know!!!


Living GFree!!

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