Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breakfast, Shampoo and more...

Boy was I nervous to try the breakfast bars I was recommended yesterday...But alas, I tore it open and nibbled off a small corner...
it wasn't bad...

was it a fluke? I kept going...

it was still pretty good...

I finished the whole thing and didn't need a large glass of water to get it down or feel the need to visit the toilet to toss it...

I highly suggest these!! (they taste a bit like Nutri-grain bars!)
I have also been reading on how you have to check, and in some cases, change everyday items such as medicines, shampoo/conditioner and make up to be sure they are free from gluten.

Obviously, you want to be sure your toothpaste and lip gloss are gluten free...they can sneak into your mouth...in some cases, shampoo may wash into your mouth as well so be careful!

The conditioner I use clearly states it has wheat in it...SO...I am on the hunt for a good gfree shampoo...I know most Dove and Suave items are gfree so may check these out.

I was unsure about my conditioner (Tresseme) and I did some google-ing (there is that fancy word again!) and found old posts from 3 or more years ago saying it had wheat and not gluten free so I checked out their website to verify and I couldn't find any information so did the next best thing...emailed them...I will let you know what they say but I am 99% sure it has gluten.


Last nights supper was a huge hit!! My husband said over and over again to write the recipe down! I can't believe how full I felt and NO PAIN!! I think I am going to like this!!

Tonight we are having Chicken and Thai noodles...this is a new thing for me (Thai) but found gluten free on the label...for now, as I learn, I am being very cautious!! I am looking forward to trying it out...it looks so good on the box!!!

Will def. let you all know!!!


Living GFree!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

My first GFree Dinner...

Rice Flour, Potato Flour, Teff, Quinoa...UMMM WHAT?!?!

yeah, that was my first thought too! I spent some time this morning at a local natural foods store, Natural Choice Market, and YIKES! They had lots of GFree items and were SO helpful but I didn't just want to buy one of everything (especially after trying the bars I bought the day before at the grocery store...YUCK!)

I did get some recommended bread and chicken stock...yup that is all!!!

I couldn't imagine buying all the different GFree flours and coming home and only using one kind...

I did some "Google-ing" (is that even a word!?) for some GFree recipes and found a yummy Stuffed Peppers one that I had to try out! That was one I had all the ingredients at home (and I can pronounce!!)

So yup, at 2pm, dinner is all ready to go into the oven! I don't know who will be more excited...me for making a dinner or my husband for having dinner ready for him (and cleaned out the spice cabinet in search of some goods!)!!
This simple recipe was one we ate a lot of growing up so I know it will taste good!! and my house smells so...yummy!!

Seriously, this is a great go to meal! (and you don't need any fancy ingredients!)

Here is the recipe I used ( I did not have celery salt so omitted that)

Stuffed Peppers (Going Gluten Free)

1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes
1 tbs olive oil
2 cloves garlic, crushed
2 bay leaves

3 medium peppers, sliced in half (stem to bottom) and cleaned out
1 lb ground meat (we used ground chicken, but you can use beef, turkey, pork, whatever you like)
2 cups cooked white rice
1 TBS each: garlic powder, onion powder, italian seasoning
Dash salt & pepper
1/4 cup ketchup
1 egg

For sauce, in a large oven safe skillet (that also has a lid) heat can of tomatoes, add olive oil, minced garlic and bay leaves...heat until almost boiling, but don't let it boil.

In a large bowl mix the ground meat, rice, seasonings, ketchup and egg. Stuff into pepper halves.

Place pepper halves into the cooking sauce. Spoon sauce over top of the peppers so that they are covered with sauce.

Cover and place in the oven. Allow to bake for 1 to 1 1/2 hours until peppers are VERY tender.


Can't wait to see how it goes!!

3 years later...and I may have found the answers...

I am doing this blog mainly for myself to keep track of my Gluten Free Journey but I hope it can help in any way, anyone out there...

For 3 years, I was in pain every time I ate...anything...from a simple snack, light lunch or hearty dinner. I went to my PCP and after trying things as taking laxatives, doing strange exercises after I ate and getting more blood taken I can image, I was sent to a GI...

I spent some time going to the GI and trying new medicines, exercises and even a colonoscopy, they seemed to be at a loss...

The sent me to Boston to a GI specialist and was diagnosed with IBS. After spending time in OT and continuing more strange exercises and breathing techniques, I ended back at the PCP...

The constipation and pains were just as bad. I was getting sick taking laxatives daily. I went thru more blood work, Ultrasounds and CAT scans and they found a small cyst on my ovary so on to another doctor, my Gynecologist.

After hearing my symptoms, he performed a Laposcopy and removed the small cyst and found a lot of endometreosis. He was able to burn off some but it was extensive and close to major organs so I was given a shot, Lupron. This has helped the constipation and some of the pain but the food pains after eating were still there...

They checked my blood again and all levels (regarding the Lupron shot) were just as they should so back to the PCP I went...

I have been doing a lot of research on my own trying to figure out why after I eat anything within half hour I am in pain...and now getting diarrhea at times. I told them I wanted to be checked for Celiac Disease. It was the only thing that all the symptoms I was having kept going back too...the pain after eating, sores in my mouth after eating, fatigue, stinky gas (gross I know)....

I was again met with a different doctor in the office and gave him the run down...He finally agreed to test for CD (as well as a few other things)

A few days later, I got the call...all my blood work came back normal...the CD was borderline so to start a Gluten Free diet. I was thrilled (not to change my whole eating life but for the answer that I had been waiting for for 3 years)

My first full day of G Free was tough...I won't lie...I didn't have many things in the house "allowed" on this diet. I missed my usual granola bar for breakfast...I opted for a hard boiled egg...for lunch, some cheese and nacho chips (was psyched to see Gluten Free on the label) and for dinner, hamburgers (bun excluded...not quite the same with out the bun, but I did it)

Sunday, we headed to the grocery store...It was easy to add lots of fruits and veggies into the cart...boy, was I overwhelmed and a bit afraid after that...

I spent the whole hour in the "natural food" section and looking at the tiny half aisle of GFree food...I really couldn't do it...Where does one start? I grabbed some "granola" bars, Pirates Booty popcorn and pasta and headed out of that aisle...

I quickly went to the next aisle and found some chinese noodles with GFREE marked clearly on them and was excited to see GFREE on the corn tortillas (i love tacos!) I then headed to cereal and grabbed some Corn Chex with GFREE in big letters on the front...

So that is it...unless it was marked clearly, I didn't stop and investigate...I knew some of what I can't eat but the big long words and hidden glutens are not part of my vocabulary as of yet!

This is my journey...

I never liked cooking...but now have to to survive, to eat, to literally live
I never gave much thought to food...after doing WW for almost 3 years, I am now "banned" from those whole wheat, natural type foods

I look forward to sneaking GFree meals on the table for my husband and 2 boys!! Breaking out the bread machine and cooking from "scratch"!!

SO what exactly is Celiac Disease and a Gluten Free Diet?

*Celiac Disease (CD) is a lifelong inherited autoimmune condition affecting children and adults. When people with CD eat foods that contain gluten, it creates an immune-mediated toxic reaction that causes damage to the small intestine and does not allow food to be properly absorbed. Even small amounts of gluten in foods can affect those with CD and cause health problems. Damage can occur to the small bowel even when there are no symptoms present.

*Gluten is the common name for the proteins in specific grains that are harmful to persons with celiac disease. These proteins are found in ALL forms of wheat (including durum, semolina, spelt, kamut, einkorn and faro) and related grains rye, barley and triticale and MUST be eliminated.

*Taken from Celiac.org